Sunday, 24 April 2011

Amandine Alessandra's Body Alphabets

Amandine is a graphic designer and photographer based in London. She is well known for her unusual interpretations of the alphabet. She will often create typefaces with a human perspective, such as her 'Wearable Lettering' created in 2009. A simple piece of bright green fabric sewn into a tube, allows the model to recreate ever letter of the alphabet.

Another of her alphabets was inspired by American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe's work. Here she uses a hand in a black vinyl glove placed on a scanner.
Another example is 'Body Type', here she simply uses legs and hands to represent each letter.
Go to Amandine's website to see more examples of her work.

Source - 'Alphabets, A Miscellnany of Letters' black dog publishing

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