Thursday, 21 July 2011

Images of swimming

Capturing a figure in a swimming pool, can allow an artist to look at light, colour, reflection and distortion. Even the most photo-realist of artworks will take on an abstract element. Here are featured 3 artists who are known for their depictions of the subject.
Samantha French (top) uses mixed media to look at reflection on the surface of the water and how that effects the way that light plays on the body of the swimmer.

Ruth Weisberg's monoprints (above) allow her to reproduce the softness of the water and the reflection of the bright layers of colour.
Lorraine Shemesh's large-scale paintings and drawings (above and below) are incredibly photo-realistic when viewed from a distance, but look at small sections of her artworks and the distortion of the swimmers' bodies become more like an abstract expressionist piece.

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