Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Culture Show is back

The Culture show has returned to BBC 2. Two specials have already aired in the last few days, but can still be seen on iplayer. 'The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition' is previewed in the first special - see clips from the show here.

In the second special 'Into Orbit', Alistair Sooke looks at the design and construction of the Orbit tower at the Olympic site. He talks to it's creator Anish Kapoor as we see it take shape. The programme tackles the problem of realising Kapoor's vision, whilst solving engineering problems, satisfying health and safety laws and keeping the corporate money men and politicians happy.  But perhaps the opinions of the local people who live with it in their backyards is the most important.

The main series starts on Wednesday 20th June at 10pm and features Mark Kermode interviewing film director David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson about their new movie Cosmopolis. There is also a round up of events around the country for the Cultural Olympiad and interviews with Yoko Ono, Bob and Roberta Smith and Michael Landy.

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